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ZeTo is an open medical information service platform based

on EOS blockchain 3.0 technology. ZeTo integrates medical

information scattered across different healthcare facilities

to form a complete personal medical information repository.

ZeTo returns information ownership and control right back

to the user. Users can set or authorize different permissions

for others through the ZeTo system to fully control their

medical information. ZeTo’s vision is to subvert the existing

medical information management system through

blockchain technology to achieve a win-win situation

for medical information sharing.


  • Eliminate information friction
  • Helping to provide better care
  • Protect patient data security
  • Reduce insurance fraud
  • Optimized operation mode
  • Promoting the telemedicine market
  • Establishing medical funds using blockchain technology

Ecological Advantage

Users become medical information


High level of data


User-centered medical information

management system

Efficient and low-cost access

to information

Significant for clinical


Improve health insurance claims

and premiums

Promoting the development of the

telemedicine market

Solving medical


Operational Days
Server Nodes
User Number


ZeTo consists of a three-layer architecture of data layer, core layer and

application layer.

The ZeTo data layer is a distributed database that uses homomorphic

encryption to protect data.

The ZeTo core layer provides all the core functionality including

connecting the application and data layers and managing user

information. It consists of identity management system, identity

authentication system and data access system.

The ZeTo application layer provide API and SDK that allow various

applications to access data in the platform through the core layer, and

offer a search system.

Personal Health Profile Administrator ZDOC

ZeTo will develop a proprietary ZDOC APP as a ZeTo client. ZDOC will

provide data management function, data authorization function and

personal health report function.

Personal Health Assistant

In the future, more intelligent hardware will upload the user’s personal

body information to the ZDOC through the ZDOC APP API interface and

store it on the ZeTo chain. The private doctor can conduct medical

diagnosis for the user in real time according to the user’s health

information, and truly solve the problem.

Personal Medical Information Transaction

ZeTo will integrate the basic information of the users that can be retrieved

to build a P2P medical information trading platform.

Personal Teletherapy Service

Patients can easily find professional doctors and medical institutions that

provide remote treatment through the ZeTo platform, and receive

high-quality real-time medical services from around the

world around the clock.




Angel investment


ZDOC APP promotion incentives (freeze, starting from April 2020, with the user’s use gradually released, is expected to take 3 years.)


Founding team (freezing, starting in September 2020, releasing 1% per month, released in 15 months)


Medical aid fund (freeze until the person in need applies, and publicizes the release on the official website/APP)


Private financing


ZeTo Medical Ecology Research and Development Fund (frozen, released in September 2021, 1% monthly, released in 25 months)


Medical Research Fund (frozen, released in June 2019, 1% monthly, 10 months released)


ZeTo Medical Volunteer Community Fund (frozen, released in November 2018, 0.05% per month, released over 100 months.)

White Paper

ZeTo will use blockchain technology to solve the pain points of the

current medical industry, subvert the traditional medical information

management model, and create a new open medical information service

platform. Welcome to download and read our white paper to learn more.


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